Oliverian is a registered 501C3 Nonprofit. Make a tax deductible donation today.

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Oliverian is a registered 501C3 Nonprofit. Make a tax deductible donation today.

As parents, we weren't sure where our son would land. He needed more support than our regional public school had to give, a traditional prep school certainly wasn't going to work, and he didn't need an immersive therapeutic setting. That's when we stumbled upon the Oliverian School.

Our tour of the school bought us in contact with many faculty members and students. While that was wonderful, it was the dogs that did it for our son. He would get down on the floor/ground to pet the dogs, then the faculty and students would sit down with him to talk. The focus was on the dogs, taking pressure off maintaining eye contact or to say just the right thing. Knowing dogs were allowed in buildings and were part of the community was a huge positive for him. The people he met weren't aggressive with their questions or their expectations. Julie took all the time we needed, and our son took an instant liking to Barclay. When we asked him on the way home how he felt, he said "I think I found my people."

Robbie is now in his fourth and final year at Oli. The transformation from his first year to his last is nothing short of miraculous. He has grown in every area - from academically to socially, inward and outward. He has a sense of peace about him that we never knew was possible. He has true friends, and the faculty he has come to know so well is as integral a part of his life as we are. We as parents don't see how any other school on the planet could compete with Oliverian. It's just the right combination of support and expectation while allowing failure to motivate success, inclusiveness yet space for autonomy and independence, and a challenging school curriculum with accommodations for learning needs. Add to that weekly in-depth phone conversations with his team leader, group e-mails with his team, and yes, dogs - and children - including beautiful new little babies, and a tight-knit community that really supports and cares for each other.

If you have the availability to support this very special place, it could do wonders for a student who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. It could completely change their trajectory in life in a hugely impactful way.

Thank you,

Karen Schwendler, current parent

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Yes, Oliverian School is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, has not provided any goods or services, in whole or in part, to you in consideration for this voluntary cash contribution.

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