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We are excited to announce our second annual Oli Day: a 24-hour celebration of the Oliverian difference and the power of supporting that work, from noon to noon on April 22nd and 23rd.

On this day, in celebration of Oliverian's mission and Earth Day (April 22nd), we'll be going live from two different sites where our students will be doing a campus and community cleanup. We'll also feature updates from our Native Garden project, share more about Stewardship program, and hear from our students, staff, alums, parents, and board members on what makes Oli so special.

We will have two Match Challenges made possible by members of our Board of Trustees, one Monday afternoon, and the other Monday early evening. Both challenges will include an interactive component where you will be invited to share themed photos and stories.

During this day, you can choose where your gift will make an impact. From contributing to our global outreach via a personal story or testimonial, to supporting our Annual Fund, your gift is guaranteed to better our community for the future.

To prepare for Oli Day, please feel free to pass the excitement along to your family and friends, and share why you feel it is important to support Oliverian School and our amazing students! We'll be sharing more details via email and social media, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

We will see you on April 22nd and 23rd!


Dear Friends,

Thank you, ahead of time, for your anticipated support. Oliverian is an amazing place - a wonderful, small, quirky, loving, and powerful school that has found an unusual, perhaps unique, niche between traditional and therapeutic schools, while providing many of the benefits of each. You are likely here because you know someone, or are someone, whose life has been touched by Oliverian. You are part of something special.

If you are just learning of our unique school, we welcome you to our community, and encourage you to explore our website, reach out to us, and witness all that an Oliverian experience can offer our students.

As an independent, not-for-profit school we depend on our community of supporters to help us to not only meet the daily needs of our students – but to make us the best school we can be. As a supporter of Oliverian, there are numerous ways for you to help us continue to educate, nurture, and support our students. Giving to our annual fund supports our operating costs and allows us to offer the best opportunities to our current students. You may also choose to contribute toward a particular project that is near and dear to your heart. We also encourage and welcome engagement with our school community through volunteer efforts of time and experience if you are so inclined. Regardless, we are grateful for your support and look forward to another phenomenal year in The Valley together!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Abby Hood, Head of School
Barclay Mackinnon, Head Emeritus


Our students are why we do what we do, why so many of you choose to support Oliverian. Hear and read their stories below.

An alum from the class of 2020 shares her story:

"I arrived at Oliverian back in 2018 as a quiet, nerdy, depressed, and anxious kid. I wasn’t sure what I was living for; the world was just one dark and lonely place. But then I met people like Brian, someone willing to sit with me at 11 at night because I felt unsafe. I met Abby and Julie who, time and again, role modeled strength, kindness, and selflessness. They showed me that women can be both caring and empathetic, as well as strong and decisive leaders. And, I met Sharon, someone who showed me that I can change and grow and that people will still want me. She showed me that to care about someone means to accept that no one can remain the same, and to not expect anyone to; she showed me that change isn’t bad. My life isn't perfect; I will always struggle with depression and anxiety. But because of the people at Oliverian, I know that I am not alone and I know that there is light in this world. Oliverian gave me the hope I needed to continue to struggle forward, and that is a gift I am forever grateful for."

A mom of a 2020 Oliverian grad shares her family’s story on Oli Day:

“Hi everyone. So, they are doing something a little new today at Oliverian. They’re calling it “Oli Day,” and it is a special day of spirit and giving for anyone who is interested/comfortable to share about the school for those who might not know about it, and also to donate to if they choose to/comfortable to do so. So, Oliverian is not for everyone and not every student has the same goals when they were at Oliverian. Our son was enrolled at many (7) different, middle, and high schools before coming to Oliverian. At all the other schools our son did not feel a good sense of himself, or like he belonged, or could maintain friendships, and lost interest in going to school, was even afraid of it. Though Charles was an academic achiever, his/our goal was to feel comfortable at school in the face of his anxiety and depression as a goal of being comfortable in school attending class, making friends and one day may be going to college. I’m always amazed that even though our son struggles daily with depression, he continues to grow so much from his experiences, 10th through 12th grade at Oliverian. He learned so many valuable coping skills. Charles still keeps in touch with his friends from there, and sees them when he can! So I’m participating in this campaign today; just to help raise awareness about an Oliverian education, and possibly fun/scholarships for students that might otherwise be able to go to Oliverian that wish too.”

If you would like to share your story, please email


It is with the utmost gratitude that we share with you our Annual Report for our most recent fiscal year.

Read messages from our Head of School, Abby Hood, Chair of the Board, Peter Stevens, and Head Emeritus, Barclay Mackinnon, as they reflect on our school's impact these past twenty years and enthusiastically look forward to our next twenty and beyond!